About me

About me

Who am I; from where am I?

Soumendra kumar sahoo
·Sep 18, 2021·

2 min read

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Hello there, thanks for visiting the page which describes a brief about me.

These are a few of my open-source details.

  • 🔭 I’m currently working on developing an ecosystem for Odia language on the open-source internet.
  • 🌱 I’m currently learning Web3.0 architecture and concepts.
  • 👯 I’m looking to collaborate on Odia language open-source corpus development.
  • 🤔 I’m looking for help with basic computer knowledge and a passion for Odia.
  • 💬 Ask me about Odia language, Natural Language Processing, Python programming, Career coaching, leading a team, and the interview process.
  • 📫 How to reach me: I am active on LinkedIn and Twitter. Links will be at the top-right of this page.
  • 😄 Pronouns: he/him/his
  • ⚡ Fun fact: We love to hear pessimistic news than optimistic.
  • ⏳ Favourite pass time: Playing around with the historical images of places on Google Earth

If you want to know more you can visit my LinkedIn profile.

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