ChatGPT Alternatives

ChatGPT Alternatives

The rise of LLMs

We will discuss the upcoming LLMs (Large Language Models like ChatGPT) in 2023.

Claude by Anthropic

  • As per their research paper, it is a 52B parameter, Autoregressive pre-trained model.

  • Made by ex-OpenAI employees, Google has invested $300 million in this startup to get a 10% stake in the company and make 'Google cloud' the preferred one for Claude. (ChatGPT uses Microsoft Azure)

  • Check out this article for a detailed response comparison with Claude's initial version and chatGPT.

Bard by Google

Sparrow by Deepmind:

  • Sparrow is a research model and proof of concept designed with the goal of training dialogue agents to be more helpful, correct, and harmless. It is not publicly available and is used for research purposes.

Ernie by Baidu

  • Ernie, an acronym for Enhanced Representation through Knowledge Integration, has been developing since 2019.

  • Internal testing will complete in March. Initially, it will be launched as a standalone App before integrating with the Baidu search engine.

Stability AI:

  • They are working on an open-source ChatGPT.

With the rise of LLMs, users will have more choices, which is a good thing. So let's see who can have extra features, reliable infra, and fine-tuned answers based on the need of the users.

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