HCL interview experience

HCL interview experience

Python interview questions in HCL

This is a part of my job interviews series.

👉🏼 Background

  • Years of Experience: 4.5 years
  • Relevant Python experience: 2 years
  • Year: August 2016
  • Campus:
  • Position: Python developer
  • Company: HCL Technologies Ltd.

👉🏼 Interview discussions

☝🏼First phase


It was a pen paper-based exam, no computer was there. The discussion was more focused on solving RegEx-based problems.

  1. Regex for credit card number detection
  2. Real-life use cases of decorator
  3. Reversal of a list not using split or any function
    • Explained the following example
      my_list = ['a', 'b', 'c']
      my_reversed_list = my_list[::-1]
  4. IP address validation using regex
  5. Code to find out how many vowels are there in a string
  6. Example of a decorator function

👉🏼 Result



  • It was a walk-in and many candidates were there, more than 50.
  • The interview process was not well structured and could have been improved.
  • I did not expect the discussions will be so much concentrated on RegEx, though I had the basic knowledge of RegEx I was not able to come up with solutions at that time.

I have appeared in 20+ interviews so far. You can check out my job interview series for the rest of the interviews experiences.

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