Increase traffic flows to your Facebook page organically

Increase traffic flows to your Facebook page organically

I have been given the responsibility to manage the Odia Wikipedia Facebook page back in April 2019; actually, I asked for that. It had around 4600 likes, few posts here and there.

My main task was to gain attention from the people that WE EXIST. People do not know what is Wikipedia and on top of Odia Wikipedia, not heard in a million.

As Wikipedia is a non-profit organization which runs on volunteers, the end goal is to seek help from the community through various social media platforms. These are a few steps I have been doing to gain more user engagement and attention from our own Odia people.


  1. Put the important stuff first to gain attention. It is said that the human being has got a few seconds of attention span. The important stuff needs to be mentioned first to keep the attention/scroll bar intact.

  2. Post regularly Regular posts gain the traffic set the momentum and keeps the traffic coming. It slowly becomes a miniature habit of people.

  3. Add a photo to the post As they say a picture is more than a thousand words. Adding a photo increases the chances of being noticed too many folds.

  4. Post just or during the peak User time period Facebook shows the active users peak time period on its ‘Insights’ tab. Use this peak user time to post your content.

  5. Tell a story and abrupt it in the middle to guide the users to the website Start your story excitingly, build up the momentum and guide your readers to your website to read the full story.

  6. Schedule your posts in advance By scheduling your posts in advance, you will get advance planning/editing time, spell correction and other volatile beings can be kept aside.

  7. Post the posts keeping your audience in mind At the end of the day the target audience should never be forgotten. Try to think like your audience once you read the post and review your post to reach the expected outcome.

  8. Use relevant Hashtags Hashtags will help to search the posts later on or making the posts relevant/trending at that time. Make sure the hashtags are not used for promotion of any individual. Who knows you may start a viral Hashtag trend.

  9. Share the posts across relatively similar groups Identify people with similar mindsets in different groups and share your posts accordingly. For e.g. a post related to Politics should not be posted in a Film fan group.

  10. Always have a Goal for each post (Number of likes, Link clicks, etc.) You should keep a minimum number of likes/engagements in mind to mark the goal accomplished. On this way you can get the feedback from the audience and improve your future posts accordingly.

  11. Keep calm and experiment with new posts from time to time. The experimentation should never be stopped. Engage your audience with polls, images, videos, shares, etc.

  12. Compare your page with other related pages and see what/how are they gaining attention. Learn from other related pages how are they posting and how are they gaining audiences.

  13. Ask for feedback from your audience through polls. It is a good idea to ask your audience for feedback both publicly and few highly engaged (top fans) audience privately. Act on the feedback at the earliest.

  14. Invite prospects to like your Page Invite like minded users time to time to like your page and get updates. Similarly ask your existing followers to do the same in a certain time gap.

  15. Encourage to share your Posts Encourage your existing audience to share your posts. However, do not over do it.

  16. Try to get the Verified badge to mark your authenticity. Verified badge, makes your page reliable and trustworthy. Your page will be easy to find also across similar pages.

  17. Be authentic and a niche player to your audience. Stay on the course of your area, do not try to mimic other pages to gain more page likes. Maintain the brand Wikipedia and post neutral posts.

  18. Correct your mistakes. How far we may try there will be mistakes, Facebook has edit feature unlike Twitter where you can not edit a Tweet. If you have done a mistake, acknowledge it and rectify your mistake publicly.

  19. Check your facts before posting. Always check your facts from authentic sources before publishing into either Wikipedia itself or to its social medias.

  20. Be Neutral The most important as a Wikipedia page is to stay neutral irrespective of the public view. Never be biased and it’s better to not post than to post incomplete data to the audience.

    It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently. — Warren Buffet


  1. Do not stop posting a few categories of Posts if they are not getting views, just reduce the frequency.

  2. Avoid copyright photos/videos as much as possible. Always give credit to the Original poster.

  3. Never leave the comments unattended.

  4. Never delete any abusive comment

  5. Do not promote contents which you should not Post.

  6. Avoid biased, opinion based posts. Let the audience decide that.

  7. Avoid jargons, complex words and long sentences.

This list will keep on evolving….


  • We have gained 200+ likes in less than three months, now having 4820+ likes.

  • There is a post which got shared more than 60 times.

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