Interview experience in Byjus

Interview experience in Byjus

A Job interview experience on India's largest EdTech platform, Byjus.

I was approached by one of Byju's recruiters on Linkedin. I have put my status as actively looking for a job, which was visible only to the recruiters who have taken recruiter premium subscription.

  • Years of experience at the time of applying: 9
  • Total number of rounds: 4
  • Outcome: could not clear 🙂

Let's go through the details.

First round

The first round was by an Engineering manager. It was a screening round, which involved a generic discussion about my experiences on the following topics:

  • OAuth 2.0
  • OIDC
  • GoLang use cases
  • Cloud experience
  • ML and Elasticsearch experience
  • Design patterns in Python
  • SOLID principles
  • Docker and Kubernetes basic
  • Project-specific tech stack decisions like:
    • Why a particular tech stack has been used
  • Major challenges in my current role
  • How do you handle conflict between your reporters
  • How do you define tasks and prioritize

Second round

It was on DSA by Backend Principal Engineer.


Given an array of lengths n.
Find the maximum sum of k elements by traversing only via the start and end of the array (k corner elements).
For e.g. array = [1,5,6,78,9,0,9,99,8] and k=4
Ans: 8+99+9+1

Improvements needed on:

  • Recognizing problem patterns and
  • Time and Space complexity calculation

Third round

By a Software Architect. System API designing and Data modeling round. I was asked to design a BookMyShow kind of system with the following requirements:

Functional requirements:

  1. User login, logout -> user session
  2. Catalog of options a. Theatres b. Concerts c. Sports
  3. Search functionality on the catalog a. Events b. Ticket availability
  4. Payment system a. 3rd party payment integration
  5. Ticket download
  6. Notification of confirmation

Non-functional requirements:

  1. Large scale system -> Multiple cities
  2. Highly available -> Ticket availability
  3. Ticket booking -> Highly consistent

Improvements needed on:

  • Data Modeling and
  • Designing faster

Fourth round

By a Senior VP. Same round as third.

In this round was asked to design a rate limiter.

Improvements needed on:

  • Data Modeling and
  • System Designing

Outcome of the interviews

  • Not selected


  • ByJu's interviewers were on time
  • In case one interviewer was unavailable substitutions were arranged.
  • I got to know my improvement areas and doubled down my efforts on those.

I have appeared in 20+ interviews so far. You can check out my job interview series for the rest of the interview experiences.

Let me know if you have any further questions. Thank You.

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