My top browser extensions / add-ons

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My top browser extensions / add-ons

All custom setup for being more productive

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·Jul 16, 2022·

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  • Browser Extensions/Add-ons

I have been trying out software since 2008. Back then software was coming in CDs in tech magazines. After all these years, here is what I have been settling on:


I had tried IE, Edge, Safari, Opera, Maxthon, Avant, Vivaldi, etc. I had been a Google Chrome user for a long time. A few years back when Firefox launched Containers, I switched to Firefox.

  • Mozilla Firefox Developer Edition
    • I use Firefox, especially for its container feature.
    • I am a contributor to the Mozilla community, so a bit of emotional attachment is there.
  • Brave
    • Brave I use to use Google Input tools add-on to write into Odia Wikipedia and to make Shabdarasa posts in Odia.
    • To try out new Chromium-based Add-ons.

Browser Extensions/Add-ons


  • Video Speed controller
    • I use this to go beyond 2x speed while watching any video.
    • Highest went till 4x speed.
  • Containers
    • Containers are like Independent cookies-based tabs synced with your bookmarks.
    • Firefox Multi-Account Containers lets you keep parts of your online life separated into color-coded tabs. Cookies are separated by the container.
    • For example, In two different tabs in the same window, you can open two different Twitter accounts.
  • Grammarly
    • Spelling/Grammar corrector
  • Thumbnail rating bar
    • Without opening the youtube videos, from the thumbnail of the video you can see how many people liked/disliked the video.
  • Dark reader
    • It converts any webpage to dark mode.
    • It helps to read on the bed before sleeping without too much straining the eyes.
  • uBlock origin
    • Finally settled with this AdBlocker.
    • It supports customized Ad blocking as well.
  • WhatFont
    • This Add-on helps me identify any text font.
  • Wapanalyzer
    • Helps me detect what web framework, tools, and technologies are used in a website.
  • ColourPicker
    • Provides the hex code of any color on a website.
  • Imagus
    • To quickly preview a photo in full size, without clicking on the image.
  • SearchPreview
    • Adds preview of the websites on the search results.
  • SaveToNotion
    • It saves any important website to my notion (a note-taking app) workspace.
  • AutoTabDiscard
    • It automatically makes tabs inactive if Idle for a custom time period.
  • JiffyReader
    • It has a feature, which helps you read faster.
    • I have been experimenting with this Add-on and have not settled yet.

I would love to know any other add-on which is super useful to you and I should try that out. To get more such updates you can follow me on Twitter @soumendrak_.

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