Productive Mac Apps

Productive Mac Apps

Mac Apps which I use to save time and increase productivity

Soumendra kumar sahoo
·Jul 21, 2022·

1 min read

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I have been using a MacBook pro since the end of 2019. These are the different apps I use which are super productive for me:

  • Krisp

    • Krisp’s AI-powered solution removes background noise and echoes from meetings, leaving only a human voice.
    • Every day you get 60 minutes of free noise cancellation from your microphone and speaker.
    • It really does noise cancellation well, very well.
  • Alfred

    • Alfred is your Mac's personal assistant. It is a spotlight on steroids.
  • Shottr
    • The feature-rich, fast, and free best screenshot tool ever.
    • It can annotate, pixelate, measure pixel distance scroll screenshots, and many more.
    • You won't regret installing it.
  • Thunderbird
    • I use Thunderbird as my all-in-one email client.

Other notable Apps:

What other Mac OS App do you use which is helpful to you? You can follow me on Twitter @soumendrak_

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