PWA: Progressive Web App

PWA: Progressive Web App

Trade-offs of PWA

Progressive Web Applications (PWA) is intended to work on any platform with a standards-compliant browser, including desktop and mobile devices. It allows the following features:

  • Installing the app on the mobile home screen

  • Accessing the app offline

  • Push messaging/notifications

In this article, we will learn the pros and cons of progressive web apps and the possibilities that PWAs open for businesses, including that if compared to web or mobile software.

Here are some of the critical statistics and benefits of PWAs taken from a finding:

  • +68% increase in mobile traffic

  • 15 x faster to load and install

  • 25X less device storage required

  • 52% average increase in conversions

  • Sessions are, on average increased by 78.25%

  • Engagement is often increased by 137%

  • The average load time for a page is 2.75 seconds

  • Compared to mobile websites, the bounce rate is reduced by a phenomenal 42.86%

  • On average, page views increased by a staggering 133.67%!


  1. Low Development Costs

  2. App-Like Look and Feel

  3. Fast Installation

  4. Better Performance

  5. Platform- and Device-Agnosticism

  6. No Updating Issues

  7. Seamless Offline Operation

  8. No Dependence on App Distribution Services

  9. Push Notification Functionality

  10. Enhanced Security


  1. Restricted Access to device features like fingerprint sensors, etc.

  2. No access to app stores


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