Tech Mahindra interview questions

Tech Mahindra interview questions

Python interview questions in Tech Mahindra

This is a part of my job interviews series.


  • Years of Experience: 4 years
  • Relevant Python experience: 1.5 years
  • Year: February 2016
  • Campus: Dairy circle, Bengaluru (now closed permanently)
  • Position: Python developer
  • Company: Tech Mahindra

Interview discussions

I have mentioned the main questions and the ladder questions around that question under it.

First round

  1. What is Class?
    • Entities of an application under development is called objects.
    • In Python, every entity is an object.
    • Class defines objects.
    • Method defines the behaviour of the class.
  2. What is inheritance?
    • Inheritance is the property of OOP where
    • A class extends/inherits the methods and properties of another base class
    • It maintains the hierarchy
    • Increases reusability
  3. Regex to find an IP address
  4. Difference between extend and append?
  5. What is Abstract class?
    • Which keeps the underlying complexities of the class away from class
  6. What is dictionary comprehension
    • Like list comprehension for Dictionaries
  7. What is a constructor?
    • Which constructs something
    • The __init__ in a class
  8. What is a Generator?
    • It generates in the runtime on every loop call
  9. Difference between range and xrange?
  10. range is a list
  11. xrange is a generator
  12. xrange is range in Python 3

Second round onwards

Did not qualify. I was weak in the OOPs concepts.



My opinion

  • I was not fully prepared, as it was near to my Accenture office I went.
  • This was my first Python interview. I want to check how in the market Python questions are being asked.
  • I got to know I have a lot to study. I was self-studying Python.

I have appeared in 20+ interviews so far. You can check out my job interview series for the rest of the interviews experiences.

Let me know if you have any further questions. Thank You.

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