Top Open source YouTube Extensions in 2023

Top Open source YouTube Extensions in 2023

Open source tools to enhance the viewing experience on Youtube

uBlock origin

  • You can remove the Ads from by just installing an AdBlocker in your browser.

  • - I recommend open-source AdBlocker "uBlock origin."

Video Speed Controller

- "Video Speed Controller" enables you to go beyond 2x speed; you can watch boring lectures faster by using this extension.

- It also works on any video playing on your browser besides YouTube.


- FreeTube is a YT desktop client (not a browser extension) built around using YT more privately.

- You can enjoy your favorite content and creators without your habits being tracked and Ads.

- You do not need to sign in but can import your subscriptions.


- "SponsorBlock" is an open-source crowdsourced browser extension for skipping sponsor segments in YT videos.

- Users submit when a sponsor happens from the extension, & the extension automatically skips sponsors.

We have gone through the following extensions:

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