Book Highlights: A Century Is Not Enough

Book Highlights: A Century Is Not Enough

An Autobiography of Sourav Ganguly

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Always take the challenging path. You will end up a winner.

Being a winner is about what happens in your head.

My journey may not have been successful but then failure has always been the best teacher! It taught me a lot and I came back stronger.

Always remember, if you decide to allow your frustrations to rule, the next day will be even tougher.

Seven times out of ten, cricketing successes are born out of visualizing positively.

Eight times out of ten, failures happen because of surrendering mentally. A negative mindset will only bring in negative results.

While most people are paralysed by the thought of failure, champions think of pressure as an opportunity to climb further up the ladder.

You can’t afford to carry the past and worry about the future.

Remember, in life small successes open up the door for bigger ones.’

If you say you are turning your back at a challenge because you fear the pressure, then you are wasting an opportunity to get better.’

It taught me that opinion about a new player changes in the team once he performs. But you can’t expect them to respect you the very first day you walk into the dressing room.

When you are down and times are tough, the best solution is to work hard and keep quiet. Only your actions and nothing else can change your destiny.

You just have to fly so high that your competition is left far behind. This is the only solution to your problem.’

Life has taught me that the best things in life happen in an unplanned fashion.

Heroes are made when you confront an uncomfortable situation head-on. Have you ever heard of a hero who sits at home, goes to office in the late afternoon after having slept for ten hours and finally ends the day with an evening film show?

was very clear in my mind that I would only play to win. And while attempting to win, if I lost I didn’t mind.

in life safer options will never make you a hero.

You have to be prepared to lose everything that you have gained. To conquer and create history you have to be always prepared to go beyond the beyond. You might stretch yourself to your absolute limits. You may feel terribly exhausted. Onlookers may declare that you have lost. But if you feel the hunger strongly within, don’t ever stop. Go for it. As they say, keep the fire burning!

It confirmed to me my instincts that however difficult a challenge was, you should always aspire to aim high.

So much love and affection made me weak.

Quitters never win and you know you have ability on your side.

Never ever think that by agreeing to a difficult demand you are belittling yourself. You should look at it, instead, as an opportunity to climb back to the top. Opportunities are not couriered across to you every day.

visualization process that prepare a batsman for the real thing. You have to be in the zone that convinced the mind that you were battling session after session and in the process getting a big hundred.

Keep visualizing your success.

might break a bone. I might get killed. But I was not going to take a backward step. I was going to give it everything I had.

Even when things are not working for you, don’t quit. Just hang in there. Darkness also has an expiry date.

But if there’s anything you should take away from this book, it is that you should not give up. Be patient. You have to wait for your turn, and when it comes, you must remain prepared.

There is no point dwelling on people who are not worthy of your attention.

If you do not get criticized in your profession it will mean that your profession is not important enough.

pressure is like a wild horse. Difficult to tame but once you manage to do it the skill set remains with you.