Nvidia interview experience

Nvidia interview experience

Python interview questions in Nvidia


  • Years of Experience: 4.5 years
  • Relevant Python experience: 2 years
  • Year: August 2016
  • Mode: Telephonic
  • Position: Python developer
  • Company: Nvidia

Interview discussions

First telephonic round

  1. What are classmethod and staticmethod?
    • Classmethods
      • It is a method of a class, bound to class
      • The subclass classmethod is preferred over superclass
    • Static methods
      • Like a function inside a class
      • Can not be inheritable
    • Instance methods
      • Instance of a class
      • Various methods of that Instance
  2. What is a Package and how to create it?
    • A package is needed to deploy your code
    • Any folder with init.py is ca
  3. How to find the middle element of a linked list?

Second round onward

You may have seen, the first round is very short and ended abruptly. Definitely, I did not get further communication for the second round. However, thanks to them that they informed me that I did not qualify for the next round.



My opinion

  • Nvidia was a good company; it is now too. I have expected at least to clear the first round. However, this was a disaster. Worse than the Tech Mahindra experience.
  • I have prepared for this unlike the previous. However, unfortunately, the questions asked and my preparation did not match. My preparation gaps were clearly visible.
  • I worked on my communication skills by answering to the point with keywords and not beating around the bush on how I understood them. The goal is to communicate properly so the other person can understand.

My quest for clearing a single interview continued...

I have appeared in 20+ interviews so far. You can check out my job interview series for the rest of the interviews experiences.

Let me know if you have any further questions. Thank You.

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