Tricks to manually detect AI-generated fake images

Tricks to manually detect AI-generated fake images

How to detect AI-generated fake images


With the help of GAN (Generative Adversarial Network), it has been possible to train the model with existing photos and generate non-existing random individuals.

  • It is becoming difficult to identify which images are real and which are fake.
  • Even there can be images of people who actually do not exist at all.
  • The cover photo I have used is an AI-generated fake photo.
  • These photographs can be used on social media platforms to misidentify, harass, etc.

In this blog post, I have mentioned a few tricks to detect a fake AI-generated image with your bare eyes.



  • These tricks are not 100% guaranteed that these are fake images. But, should be enough to bring in a sense of intuition and make you alert. You need to do your own due diligence.
  • With more advanced AI, I have no doubt that these tricks will be obsolete.

1. Eye Alignment


  • Check if the face and eyes are center-aligned on the image.
  • Even if somebody will crop the photo, check for the eye alignment always parallel to the ground.
  • Even if someone will rotate the image, you can easily find it.

2. Ear or Earring


  • Check if one of the earrings is missing.
  • Check the ear is missing fully.
  • Now the GAN models forget these things, but sure they will improve.

3. Hairs


  • Check if hairs are abruptly on air. You can see this picture to get an idea.

4. Background


  • Vague background, which does not represent any actual place or any place at all.
  • Actual people click photos in a realistic background.

5. Irregular pupil size


  • This one is a bit difficult to check.
  • To know this you need to zoom in till you get to see the eye pupil clearly.
  • The left one is a real child, the right girl is a fake one.

Bonus Tricks

  • Check if eye colors are mismatched.
  • The face is deformed or another nearby person's face is deformed.
  • Check for eyelid hairs, if they do not look right.


Hope you learned something new today and stay alert on social media. As technology is a two-faced sword, with the advancement of technology, we need to be vigilant.

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